Administrators in PFA

PFA is committed to effective governance of the sport of petanque in Australia.  PFA is committed to supporting the development of the Administrators at club, state league and national levels. 

PFA has developed and provides a number of policies, rules, regulations, procedures, forms, guides and tools to assist administrators to confidently complete their duties.

To ensure their effective development PFA has developed a set of programs to assist administrators develop confidence and competence.  To consolidate any training, PFA has focused on developing coaching and mentoring skills of its board members to assist club and league administrators. 

Administrator Rules & Regulations

PFA is committed to developing and maintaining the highest standards of sports and business governance.  This commitment is consistent with its goal of recognition as a National Sporting Organisation and meeting the ASC Sporting Governance Guidelines.


Policies, Rules, Regulations, Procedures, Forms, Guides and/or Tools have been developed to guide the accredited administrators of member clubs, state leagues, and the federation in the effective management and maintenance of proper governance of the sport of petanque.


Administrators of Member Clubs, State Leagues and the Federation should access these documents to help conduct activities in support of the sutainability of the sport.


Policies, rules regulations, procedures, help guides, tools, forms and manuals to assist our administrators can be accessed by following the links.

Developing Administrators

Maintaining Good Governance and a Fair & Equitable Playing Environment

PFA has created a learning pathway for administrators in our sport. Each club will be able to develop players and their members to take on the administrative roles needed to effective govern with confidence. Adminstrators will learn the knowledge and skills required to perform the roles of committee members.


PFA officials will conduct coaching sessions to develop knowledge and understanding of the administration of the sport.  They will learn to perform the management committee or board roles to ensure effective governance of the sport.


Courses are available to develop committee members at club level, at state level and at national level.   Follow the link for information about our Administrator Pathways and their development programs.

The Rules of the Sport

Ensuring Effective Organisation and Management of Tournaments

The Federation International de Pétanque et jeu Provencal is the world governing body for the sport of pétanque.  It publishes a set of rules for the sport.  These international rules are applied by the umpires of PFA during club, state and national events. PFA has developed some supporting rules that have been adapted to local conditions.  These rules apply only in Australia. Follow the link to access a copy of the latest version of PFA's Rules of the Sport of Pétanque.

Our History

A Background to the Sport of Pétanque in Australia

Pétanque Federation Australia was established to coordinate and manage the sport of pétanque in Australia.  It brought together the established clubs from all states to create a peak sporting body to represent the sport nationally and internationally. PFA promotes the development of new member clubs and assists in the development of players and officials. It also conducts national competitions and enters teams into international events.

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