The PFA logos - some background

The official PFA logo and the new Boularoos logo were created by Clive Potter from Woodend Hanging Rock Petanque Club and Iridium Design P/L. We asked Clive for a bit of background on the development of these two important visual elements for Petanque in Australia. Regarding the creation of the PFA logo I have to say, after so many years, that I am not quite sure how I was initially requested to supply the design submission. It may have been through Chinka Steele or, more likely, possible through Andre Deramond. It was in March 2005 about the time of the “New” PFA Incorporation. Obviously, the boule feature was of paramount importance but I had in mind that the playing character was equally important but needed to be of a contemporary nature that would stand the test of time. It had to be dynamic but also a flowing visualisation of the player, graphically simple and timeless. Hopefully the PFA logo will, through its simplicity of graphic representation, be regarded as iconic of the Australian Petanque Federation and our affiliation to the world of Petanque for many years to come.

At the time I was also in the process of developing our own Woodend Hanging Rock logo and had in mind that it would be a rather nice distinction to utilise the image of the 'dynamic playing figure' to show our close affiliation to PFA and also as a uniquely Australian theme, albeit in a different format and colour to suit the Hanging Rock location. I was requested, more recently (November 20914), to submit a further logo design for Bouleroos which represented quite a challenge to what we are as a national sporting body. I believe that the incorporation of the features in the Bouleroos logo epitomises what we are as a great nation and our affiliation to the FIPJP international body.

My recommendation that all the original design features, including the Australian flag, incorporated in the final design, be fully adopted because that part of the design is representative of what we are as a sporting nation. I would hope that the total of the original concept be adopted as the final Bouleroos logo.

My background is engineering based on my early career with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and my profession, Automotive Designer, having graduated from the Ford sponsored Master’s Degree Course in Automotive Design from the Royal College of Art in 1970 and enjoying an extensive 30-year career with Ford Motor Company before forming my own freelance design business Iridium Design P/L that I have used for numerous design projects. The PFA thanks Clive for his great work in developing these two visuals for the sport in Australia.

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