Trans Tasman Results Over Time - Update!

The Trans-Tasman competition concept was first discussed in Monaco 2001 World Championships and finalised at the Grenoble 2002 World Championships. Discussion was between Graeme Morris President of Petanque New Zealand Federation and Andre Deramond President of Petanque Federation Australia. The format used was copied from a French competition, “Intercity”, and adapted to the local situation. The idea was presented to the respective Boards and the first Trans-Tasman competition was held in Melbourne at the Middle Park Bowling club in 2003.

This year's Trans Tasman Tournament between New Zealand and Australia was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19. For the record see below for the history of the Tournament. If anyone has more information (results, etc. in earlier years) don't hesitate to contact to us.

Update: Dave Ward from South Australia has forwarded some valuable extra information from the archives of the South Australian Petanque League. The table below has been updated and below that are the memberships of all the teams from 2003 to 2014. There's a lot of history there.

Membership lists from the SAPL archives.

If you find these screen grabs a bit hard to read the originals are still available at

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